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Exciting developments Server Upgrades

  • RAM: 50% more + 50% faster than current servers
  • CPU: 35% more core + 35% faster than current servers
  • Storage: 300% more SSD space + 25% faster than current servers
  • Free SpamExperts with cPanel plugin
  • 1,000Gbps+ DDoS protection

Upgraded hosting? Now that's Smart.

Click on the image below to take a look at our brand-new server hardware

Smart Upgraded Servers

(Behind each blue LED sits an enterprise-grade, Samsung 4TB SSD drive)

Upgrade schedule

Old server New server Move date Old IP New IP Status
Cloud 01 Carbon 23/05/2017 Status
Cloud 02 Nitrogen 25/05/2017 Status
Cloud 04 Boron 16/05/2017 Status
Cloud 05 Oxygen 29/06/2017 Status
Cloud 06 Fluorine 01/08/2017 Status
Cloud 07 Neon 27/07/2017 Status
Cloud 08 Sodium 03/08/2017 Status
Cloud 09 Magnesium 08/06/2017 Status
Cloud 10 Aluminium 06/07/2017 Status
Cloud 11 Silicon 22/06/2017 Status
MR 01 Phosphorus 20/06/2017 Status
MR 02 Sulfur 13/07/2017 Status
MR 03 Phosphorus 06/06/2017 Status
MR 04 Chlorine 20/07/2017 Status
MR 05 Argon 04/07/2017 Status
MR 06 Argon 15/06/2017 Status
MR 07 Potassium 18/07/2017 Status
MR 08 Calcium 01/06/2017 Status

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Find out which server your service is on by clicking the link below:

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Getting Ready

There are 2 things you can do before your move to make things easier on the day.


1. Set new nameservers

Please note:
If your domain is managed through us we have already changed the nameservers for you.

Resellers: Please reglue your private nameservers to these IPs. You can keep your own private nameservers, just change the IP record associated with them via your client area.


2. Enable SSL for Mail Clients

To improve security, SSL will be mandatory for all mail connections.

Please enable this in your email client as soon as possible.

Don't know your nameservers?

Enter your domain below to check where your nameservers are pointing:

Upgrade FAQs

Yes, a number of changes will be needed in some cases. Broadly these are:

  • Updating your domain to use our new standardised nameservers if your domain is registered elsewhere
  • Updating your DNS to use the new server's IP if your DNS is hosted elsewhere
  • Reglue your private nameservers to our new IP addresses (resellers only)
  • Adjust email client settings
  • Place transactional websites into maintenance mode shortly before the transfer begins

Full specific details on each of the above steps are detailed in your migration email.

Yes, a small window of downtime is expected, we anticipate this to be between 06:00 and 08:00 BST on your upgrade date.

By default, STRIKE which is the anti spam for inbound mail uses the A record of the domain as it's route for directing mail traffic. In these cases, all of the A records were not pointing to Smart's servers as they would be by default, therefore the mail was trying to direct traffic to the A record that was simply rejecting it.

These domains needed to be logged into to change the 'Route' in which the mail directs traffic as the A record isn't a Smart based A record.

To fix this, for the respective domain, you'd need to login to their cPanel and head to the 'Professional Spam Filter' under 'EMAIL'. Select that and then select the respective domain and click 'Login' to the right.

Once logged in, head to 'Edit Route(s) on the left sidebar and adjust the route to be that of the hostname of the server. In this case it was SERVERHOSTNAMEHERE. Input that and remove the previous route (that pointing to the main domain name, which in turn points to the A record hosted elsewhere).

Once complete, save and then head to the 'Clear callout cache' on the left sidebar and clear the cache. Mail will then begin routing correctly and working as normal.

If you are using any of our existing nameservers (which end in either or, then you will need to change them to our new ones before the upgrade:


Note: If your DNS isn't hosted by us, you will need to update the IP address in your zone file. You can use the table above and in your client area to find your old and new IP addresses. Further details on updating external DNS services will be included in your specific upgrade email when this is sent. It is critical that the IP address is changed as close to the upgrade as possible, else your site will still be pointing to old hardware.

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