Domain API Introduction

Domain API Introduction

The Smart Hosting Domain Reseller API allows you to interact with our system programmatically from your own WHMCS system. 

Using the API you are able to perform actions such as:

• Register Domain
• Transfer Domain
• Renew Domain
• Release Domain
• Delete Domain
• Modify Contact Details
• Get EPP Code
• Get/Save DNS Records
• Get/Modify Nameservers
• Register Nameserver
• Modify Nameserver
• Delete Nameserver
• Registrar Lock
• Get/Save Email Forwarding
• ID Protection
• Domain Cron Synchronization

Request/Response Data Format:

In requests, Domains Reseller accepts query parameters.
API response is sent in JSON data format.


API key and email address is required for authentication.
We will issue these details on request. Please contact us. 



The following examples use the cURL command-line tool to exectute API requests.

Exemplary API Request:
curl ''  --data 'token=AaLc8eNZWsZtWlT9LtT7NUha&' --compressed
Exemplary API Response:
{"result":"success","msg":"Domain has been registered"}

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