SSH Access

cPanel >> Security >> SSH

SSH Access is not enabled by default on our shared platform however it can be requested for the following packages:

- Premium Unlimited Hosting
- Reseller Hosting
- Premium Reseller

As of 1st February 2017 any new customer can simply submit a support ticket to request SSH access to their account(s). You can submit a support ticket from here.

Any users on the old platform (Cloud01-11 & MR01-08) will need to also provide their IP for whitelisting in our firewall. To get your IP you can visit however other than this the request process is the same and you will need to submit a support ticket containing the IP that needs access to SSH.

To connect to SSH once access has been granted you will need an SSH client, below are steps for Windows and Mac OS.

The SSH port for the ELEMENTS servers is 722

The SSH for for the CL & MR servers is 22

Windows – PuTTY

PuTTY can be downloaded from the following page:

Once installed you need to open the client and you will see the following:


This needs to be completed with your cPanel username and the server hostname, so for example it may look like:


This will then prompt for your cPanel password once opened and you will then have SSH access.

Note: For customers on the old platform (Cloud01-11 & MR01-08) you will need to connect to port 22 instead.

Mac OS – Terminal:

As Mac OS has a built in terminal client you can simply load this up and enter the following command ensuring to enter the cPanel username and server hostname to match your own account:

ssh –p 722

This will then prompt for a password which will be your cPanel password and this will complete the login process.

Note: For customers on the old platform (Cloud01-11 & MR01-08) you will need to connect to port 22 instead so the command can simply be:

ssh –p 22

You can also setup SSH keys from cPanel:

cPanel >> Security >> SSH

SSH Keys are recommended if you want to restrict SSH access to users with a key rather than just the SSH password.

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