SpamExperts - Checking your delivery logs

This article will show you how to access SpamExperts Email Protector and check your delivery logs. The logs can help you determine if a message was received at all by the SpamExperts filters, and whether the message was treated as spam. This article assumes you are already logged into cPanel.

Accessing the StriKe system

SpamExperts icon

You can access the SpamExperts configuration settings for your cPanel account via the Mail section, and clicking on the SpamExperts icon.

Log search

SpamExperts Log Search icon

Once you have logged into SpamExperts, look for the Log Search icon, and click it.

SpamExperts Log Search

There are a comprehensive set of search parameters. You do not have to use all of them (or any of them if you want to see everything!). The broader your search, the more records will be returned.

The most common type of search is as follows - all of the following settings are optional.

NOTE : If you search on PART of a value (e.g. if you want to find all messages that contain the word "money" in the subject, then you MUST enable "Return partial matches" - see below)

SpamExperts Log Search

When you click the Start search button you will get a table of results showing message receipt time, sending host message ID, sending hostname, sender email address, recipient (the bit of the email address at your domain in front of the @ symbol), and the message classification. This can help you determine what further action to take - but don't worry none - if you don't know what do to, just raise a support ticket!

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