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SpamExperts is our dedicated spam filtering cluster that inspects all incoming email.

Depending on where your domain is registered and your website hosted you may need to alter different parts of the SpamExperts system to ensure your mail is filtered correctly and reaches your mailbox.

SpamExperts is only available when you use Smart Hosting for your email.

To ensure your domain's email is being filtered, your MX records should point to the following servers.  This is the case whether your domain is with Smart Hosting or not, so you will need to do this at your domain registrar or wherever you manage your DNS. By default, new domains purchased from Smart Hosting are configured with the correct settings.

The above servers act as a cluster, and together they check all incoming email, and then pass it to your cPanel server where the messages are routed into your individual mailboxes.

Every cPanel account enjoys customised settings for SpamExperts to help adapt it to your specific requirements.

In the scenario where all your Services (Domain, Hosting, Email) are with Smart Hosting then SpamExperts should work for you with no additional configuration.

If you have just moved to Smart Hosting, then your DNS records may not yet be set correctly. To set your MX records, please read Editing DNS entries in cPanel Zone Editor.

Then you must log into SpamExperts from your cPanel account and ensure the correct delivery route is configured, detailed in this article Adjusting SpamExperts / Strike mail routing for correct mail delivery.  This guide also applies if you host your website elsewhere.

SpamExperts is a very intelligent spam filtering service using many factors to determine if an incoming message is safe, including

You can learn more about using and configuring SpamExperts by reading these articles:

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