Getting unblocked from the Firewall (blank screen / timeout / 403 error)

Smart Client Area >> Services panel - 'View and access your services' >> Select hosting package and click it to enter product details page

If you are just seeing a blank screen or getting a timeout/forbidden (403) error your IP address may be blocked by the firewall.

Whether you are a standard hosting customer or a reseller the process to check whether you (or a client) is blocked by the firewall, and get unblocked, is the same.

1. Log into your Smart Hosting Account

2. Click 'View and access your services' from the Services panel

3. Click your Hosting/Reseller Hosting package to enter the package details page.

Here you will see a Firewall Status section:

Firewall check and unblock

If it is your IP that is blocked the system will now automatically unblock you - you will see a message explaining why you were blocked to help with troubleshooting.

Resellers - How to check a clients IP

If you are a reseller you can also check your clients IP address here - you will need them to provide their external/public IP address - they can obtain this by either by visiting or typing 'whats my ip' into Google search.

Simply type their IP address in the 'Check other IP' box and click 'Check'.  Again, if their IP is blocked it will automatically be unblocked and you will see an explanatory message as to why the IP was blocked.

If you have more than one reseller hosting package on different servers - ensure you check the one containing the client site.

About our IP address blocking policies

In order to protect our service from abuse, the following events will lead to your IP address being blocked. Usually this is only temporary (usually 20 minutes), but it may become permanent if you are temporarily blocked more than 3 times within a 24hr period. Common reasons for your IP address becoming blocked include (in order of popularity):

Note for web developers: If you have just added new scripts/modules to your website it is also possible that mod_security might be triggered. While this is rare, if you experience a series of 403 forbidden errors, and then find yourself unable to connect, then it is likely that mod_security has logged security events which have lead to your IP being blocked temporarily.

In this event, please contact us giving full details of the URL you were using, the time of the events and your public IP address (available from We will then analyse the mod security logs and find out what rules were triggered, if any.

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