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The best just got a whole lot better…

We always try to push the physical boundaries of what our web hosting service can do for you. From web hosting features to fast and efficient support, all the way through to speed; we work day and night to ensure that we can provide the best service possible. As part of our commitment to both new and existing customers, we will be performing a full cluster upgrade to our shared hosting and reseller platforms this weekend commencing the 12th December starting at 1:00AM. Our upgrades will take place throughout the weekend. Web hosting, reseller and master reseller customers will be notified separately about this as we work across all hosting services. We use a highly powerful and flexible cloud platform powered by OnAPP cloud. Our cloud platform allows us to scale our service to ensure, unlike many other providers, that we can offer an unlimited service which has full fault tolerance and performance in mind. To provide an even faster service we will be replacing our existing Dell Enterprise hardware which powers the cloud with new Dell R8 Enterprise series servers. The R8 series Dell servers provide 512GB RAM, 4x 8-Core Intel Xeon CPUs, 10TB SSD storage and 10Gb network connectivity per server. This is a major up-lift from our existing R6 series hardware which currently powers our cloud. To compliment our hardware upgrade, we will also be introducing hourly R1Soft CDP backups on all shared and reseller hosting services. Master Reseller customers will have direct access to these backups within the R1 cPanel plugin. Reseller accounts and shared web hosting customers can request restores via our support ticket as normal. To finalise our update, we will be updating cPanel globally to ensure the latest features and bug fixes are included. All upgrades are without any cost to you! grin