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CloudLinux as Standard

At Smart we always try to push the boundaries of our service offering. As standard all Smart web hosting services are now protected by CloudLinux.

CloudLinux provides massive increases in stability and server security.

Traditional shared web hosting platforms have no control over individual domains in the event of a resource spike.

If one domain suddenly experiences a big resource spike from a large amount of traffic, poorly written script, or a denial of service attack, all the other web sites on the same shared hosting server are slowed or brought down. 

CloudLinux isolates each web site so that no matter what, the site can never exceed the resources allocated to them. During a sudden resource spike all other web sites are left unaffected!

Further information can be found here

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The big difference I have found between Smart Hosting and their competition is that these guys WANT to do the right thing by their customers. They do go the extra mile. Great product at a good price and with excellent support. Nigel

The customer support is incredible & fast

I couldn't have chosen a better company for my web hosting, very glad to be with you guys and definitely will share my experience with all of my friends who may need hosting in future! William Smith

Very happy customer indeed!

First class service since joining, great product and service, amazing value for money. A very happy customer and looking forward to that continuing. A big well done! Kenneth